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Finding out that you’re pregnant can be difficult, even when life is going well. When the timing isn’t right, or there are problems to face, it can be confusing, frustrating, frightening, even overwhelming. The stress and emotions can make it tough to think clearly, get good information and make good decisions. There can be pressure from people, circumstances, and even inside yourself. If you’re struggling, please know you are not alone, and that you are safe with us. Pregnancy Problem House specializes in helping women and couples find solutions. We offer non-judgmental understanding, accurate information, and personalised care.

Whatever you decide, whatever you discover, whatever happens, we’re here for you.
All of our services are free, caring and confidential.
Please call us on 1300 200 406.











I think I might be pregnant

Maybe you’ve missed a period or two, or something feels different. Come see us for a free pregnancy test. We’ll offer you a cuppa, have a look at your situation, reveal the pregnancy test results sensitively, and be there for you as you figure out what to do next. Please call 1300 200 406 for a confidential appointment at one of our three offices. We’ll fit you in as soon as we can, at time that suits you.

I’m pregnant and I’m not sure how I feel or what to do next

We are here for you with understanding, information and support. We’ll start by learning about your situation, your hopes, your dreams and your concerns, and give you a safe space to sort out your feelings and to start making a plan. Please call 1300 200 406 for an appointment with one of our counsellors or pregnancy consultants.

I’m sure I want this baby but I need help to get ready

That’s ok! Isn’t it good that babies take nine months to get here? Please call us for a confidential appointment to talk about our pregnancy and early parenting support programs, and other community and government resources that may be available for you. We specialize in help for women and families who are surprised by pregnancy, don’t have enough support, or are still hurting from a previous pregnancy loss. Please call our friendly receptionists on 1300 200 406.

I think I want to keep my baby but I feel pressured to have an abortion or to place my baby for adoption

You’re not alone- we meet many young women in your situation. While lots of people (or just a few important ones) may be pushing their ideas on you, no one can force you to do anything you don’t want to do. Please make an appointment by calling 1300 200 406 and we’ll offer you a cuppa and some tissues and talk about your rights, your options, and the support available for you with each option.

I don’t think I can have this baby

We’re here to listen, with cups of tea and tissues (if you need them). We also have a checklist for you to be sure you have all the information you need, as we may be aware of options and issues you haven’t considered yet. We can help you see if your decision is really yours, or if you’re being unfairly pressured by your situation or by other people. We can help you sort out how you feel now and also how your decision may affect you later. We believe you deserve the best care and have immediate and ongoing support available no matter what you ultimately decide. Please call 1300 200 406 for a confidential appointment.

I’ve already had a miscarriage/difficult pregnancy which is making this pregnancy harder

We’re so sorry to hear you’re struggling. We can work with you to help you come to terms with what’s happened so that you can move forward. Please call our understanding team on 1300 200 406 for a confidential appointment.

I’ve had an abortion and I’m still hurting

Please know you are not alone- we are here for you, and there are many others who have felt the same way. Some women struggle immediately after the procedure, and others need help many years later, after a trigger event brings unresolved pain to the surface. They tell us we help them to feel safe and not judged as they move forward towards healing and release.  Please call us for a confidential counselling appointment, when you’re ready. If you have had an abortion recently and are experiencing any concerning physical symptoms, please seek immediate medical attention from a hospital or GP. We are unable to directly offer you medical advice or treatment, though we may be able to recommend paths to long term aftercare. 




















Do I need a Medicare card or private cover?

All of our services are free, and we don’t offer any medical services, so you don’t need a Medicare card or private insurance to see us. We can help anyone, including temporary residents, international students and tourists. When medical services are required, we may be able to help people in some situations find the medical care they need at a price they can afford.

Do I need a referral?

No, you don’t need a referral. While we do work directly with many agencies and programs who refer their clients to us, we will carefully consider your specific situation and offer appropriate help based on your needs and desires. Please call 1300 200 406 for a confidential appointment.

Can you help my partner/daughter/friend?

Thank you for helping her in this difficult time. Please reassure her that we are here to help and that she is safe with us. It’s best if she can contact us herself so we can start learning about her situation and her specific concerns, so please give her our number (1300 200 406). We are also here for partners and parents and can provide counselling and support as required, so you are welcome to call us too.

How do you protect my privacy?

We take our clients’ privacy very seriously. We are regulated by the Privacy Act (1988) which covers the collection, storage and release of personal information. We also respect every client’s right to only be contacted by us with their permission and to end their relationship with us at any time. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy and confidentiality policies, please contact us.

Why are your services free?

We are an independent tax deductible charity, registered with the Australian Charities and Non Profit Commission. We want to be able to help anyone who needs us and we are able to provide free services thanks to the generous support of our local community – individuals, families, businesses, groups and even people we have helped in years past.


“We were living up North, making good money and partying every weekend. Then as soon we moved back home, I had a dream I was pregnant. It was so real that when I woke up, I took a pregnancy test. It was real. It was the worst day of my life. We’d talked about kids but we planned it for later, there was so much we wanted to do first. Then I went to Pregnancy Problem House. It was a bit daunting not being sure if I should talk about my life with some random, but they helped a lot and I wouldn’t be able to do it without them. These people, they just don’t judge. They’re always there to help. The world would be a much better place if there were more people like these guys.” Sami, 20

“I wasn’t very happy to find out I was pregnant; in fact I wasn’t happy at all. I spent every night in tears, sure my family would die of the shame I would bring on them. I felt like a trapped animal, as if I had no choice. I had all the practical problems: I had no Medicare, no house, no family nearby. I was desperate, so I began to speak to a few of my friends, and one of them told me about Pregnancy Problem House and the incredible support they give. They were so helpful and generous, exactly what I needed.” Daniella, 22

“I cannot thank the PPH staff enough for their support and encouragement. Most of where I am at today is thanks to the brilliant team at Pregnancy Problem House. No amount of words could describe the help they gave- they valued me.” Rachelle, 38

“Coming to Pregnancy Problem House was like finding an oasis in a parched, dry desert. At all times I made the decisions, without pressure or judgment.” Lela, 21

“We first approached Pregnancy Problem House when we suspected my partner Julie was pregnant. We were in desperate need of ongoing help. Our advocate helped us so much. She is the kindest and most wonderful person, and there are not enough words to say how much she means to us. She has helped us through some very hard times and good times too. We are very thankful.” Daniel, 32

“Finding out I was pregnant was my worst nightmare. I had dropped out of school, was starting a new job, and was in a very unhealthy relationship. A friend of mine had been helped by Pregnancy Problem House the year before, so mum took me there for help. As soon as I walked in, I was met with smiling faces and a peaceful environment. During my counselling sessions, they explained how they could help me. They comforted me and told me everything was going to be ok. For the first time in this mess, I had hope. Without their help, I don’t know what I would have done. I will be forever grateful.” Bel, 17

“I’m not from Australia, and the only support I have here is my father. I didn’t know how he’d react to my pregnancy, and my boyfriend and I didn’t have a lot of money, so I didn’t know how we could afford to have a baby. I looked online for help and found Pregnancy Problem House. I walked in and felt comfortable right away. There was no pressure, just a calm and friendly environment. The love and support I have received from has been absolutely amazing, so much more than I ever expected.” Sam, 18

“My partner freaked out and said we weren’t ready for a baby. I already had two kids and even my family didn’t think I could handle it. I was so conflicted, and afraid of the future. I went to my doctor for information about a termination and he gave me the number for Pregnancy Problem House. I called them a few times to talk and then started going in for counselling. I found an open place filled with love and compassion. For the first time, I could be honest about my relationship and how I was being pressured. I had a big cry, and I wasn’t judged, they just listened. Without them, it would have been a lot harder. I am deeply grateful.” Natasha, 31

“While I was backpacking around the East coast, I was shocked to find out I was pregnant. I flew to Perth to meet with my boyfriend and to make a plan. I contacted Pregnancy Problem House and we were quickly given an appointment to speak about our options. We came back several times while we were making our decision, all free of charge. I want to share this message with the Pregnancy Problem House team- thank you for your help. You are making a difference in people’s lives and I hope you keep doing what you are doing. If I am ever back in Australia, I will be sure to visit. Please share our story.” Sarah, 24

Has Pregnancy Problem House helped you? We’d love to hear about your experience with us and how your life has been since then. Please email us at info@pregnancyproblemhouse.com. We won’t share your story without your permission.

Our Team

Pregnancy Problem House is an independent tax deductible charity, founded in Perth, Western Australia in 1986. Our metropolitan locations are in Nollamara, 15 minutes north of the Perth CBD, and Langford, 20 minutes south-east of the Perth CBD. We also operate in regional Western Australia in the Midwest, Great Southern and Goldfields. We are governed by a board of directors and supported by a small administrative staff.

Our services are provided by a team of trained and sensitive volunteers with a wide variety of relevant qualifications. Our team includes counsellors and family therapists, social workers, GPs, midwives, nurses, teachers, youth workers, chaplains, lawyers, accountants, community leaders, property managers, students, retired persons and more. All of our team except for our administrative staff and our counsellors help our clients in a ‘lay’ capacity – that is, we don’t offer medical, legal or financial advice or services, but we can often use our expertise and experience to help clients find professional services in those areas as needed.

Many of our team members have personally experienced unintended or unsupported pregnancy and/or pregnancy loss/trauma and the various choices that accompany those situations. Our board and staff even include several people who first came to Pregnancy Problem House as clients! This unique perspective helps our team to appropriately assist hundreds of individuals and families each year with free, personal and confidential care. We also regularly network with many other agencies and community organisations so that we can help as many people as possible find the help they need.


For a free confidential appointment, phone 1300 200 406

Our offices are located at:
NORTH: 342 Wanneroo Rd, NOLLAMARA [view in google maps]
SOUTH: Shop 23, 56 Langford Ave, LANGFORD [view in google maps]
MIDWEST: 4b George Rd, GERALDTON [view in google maps]
GOLDFIELDS: 31 Charlotte St, KALGOORLIE [view in google maps]
GREAT SOUTHERN: Services available upon request.

If you are unable to attend an appointment at one of our offices, please contact us for other options.

Administration: PO Box 107, NORTHLANDS WA 6905
08 9200 7040